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Thank you my dear friend venu for sharing this links

Angularjs Interview Questions

1. What doctype you are going to use for a mobile device? (iPad, iPhone etc)
2. What are the advantages of bootstrap over other css frameworks?
3. Why we use bootstrap for our web design?
4. How will you design pages for mobile devices? (Responsive)
5. Tell the exact syntax for media queries in css?
6. Difference between id and class?
7. Difference between absolute and relative?
8. How will you write css for specific browsers?
9. How will you include css or javascript files for a specific browser?
10. Which way is best for css inclusion, Internal or External?
11. If an external css class doesn’t take effect while applying the same style in inline, then that style will take
effect. How you handle that situation?
12. List css3 features
13. Tell the box-shadow syntax
14. If you have included 3 css files one by one, then which css style will take precedence

HTML5 & AngularJS:-
15. List HTML5 features?
16. How do you find whether a browser supports html5 or not?
17. Tell the difference between NodeJS and AngularJS?
18. Can we use AngularJS with NodeJS?
19. Can we connect database through NodeJS?
20. Difference between $scope and $rootScope and how many in each we can create in a project?
21. What is the purpose of ng-cloak directive?
22. How to hide html rendering with angular brackets while loading angularjs?
23. Difference between ngRepeat and ngOptions?
24. Difference between services and factory in angular js?
25. Tell about $routeProvider
26. How do you use a service inside controller?
27. What is directive?
28. What are the restrict options available in directive?
29. What is link and its use in directive?
30. What is compile and its use in directive?

31. Tell about Data abstraction
32. Tell about abstract class in oops

Javascript & JQuery:-
33. How to write a class in javascript?
34. What is constructor in javascript and when it will execute?
35. How do you achieve inheritance in javascript?
36. What is prototype in javascript?
37. Tell about live method in jquery?
38. Tell alternative method to live?
39. What is event delegation in jquery?
40. What is event propagation in javascript?
41. How do you stop event propagation?


1. Basics
2. window object, document object
3. OOPS Based javascript
4. Inheritance
5. Prototype and its chain
6. Constructor
7. Object literal
8. apply, call and bind methods
9. closure
10. event delegation & event propagation


1. basics and its common features
2. dependency injection
3. directives (deep knowledge)
4. scope and rootscope
5. services
6. factories
7. providers
8. $http, $resource, $location, $q
9. promises
10. $apply, $digest, $apply vs $digest