Want your android to look like iphone??

Hey guys,

Lets begin android posts with a fresh look/face of android. Henceforth i am going to pace off with a launcher app for android which makes to feel you working in an apple iphone 😉

Interested to know how it is??

Procedure 1

Here comes with Nova Launcher (one of the best launcher that come up with Kitkat look).

First install this launcher and configure it as you like. Then you need to install a theme called “POP UI”. You can find that theme in google play. Click here

What?? Feel outraged?? Cool guys..though its a paid theme you can get it for free. Just google it 😉 If not feel free to contact me..i will share the file 🙂

Just install that theme and configure screens and widgets. Now you are ready with your android iphone 😉

Procedure 2

You can get the iphone look with a simple installation of themer app and its most popular seven theme.

Just install themer and register your account. Find settings and configure how you wish to look your screen.

Now download seven theme from most popular themes. Thats it. Now its all your iphone(budget mobile with royal look) 😉

Hope you like it. Happy browsing 🙂

Stay tuned to sathyalog 😀