Google Authenticator

Hello Pals,

I hope you are well aware of 2 step verification for your accounts..if not?? pls clickhere to know what it is..

Today we will see what is google authenticator and how to use it..

What is exactly this google authenticator??


Google Authenticator implements TOTP security tokens from RFC6238 in mobile apps made by Google, sometimes branded “two-step authentication”. The Authenticator provides a six digit one-time password users must provide in addition to their username and password to log into Google services. With two-step authentication enabled, you’ll be prompted to enter a six-digit number after you provide your username and password. Unlike a PIN number for an ATM, this six-digit number changes with every login.

How to use this??

Doing the two-step

1. Make sure two-step authentication is enabled for your Google account

Before you start using the app, make sure that two-step authentication is enabled and configured for your account.

2. Install the app

Download and install the app on your Android device

3. Connect Google Authenticator to your Google Account


Just goto your newly installed google authenticator app. Now goto options->set up account.

Now you can see two different procedures..

1. Manually add an account

2. Available google accounts

Just check your gmail account in available google accounts. click on your account..this will show a pop up screen like beginning setup..Then you will be alerted with account already enrolled. Now click on scan barcode.

Note: Make sure you have barcode scanner app in your mobile.

Now just open your browser in desktop and login to your will show a barcode in your desktop browser..with your mobile barcode scanner..just scan that barcode..thats it.your job is done..your account is highly secured with google authenticator 😀