How to change mysql port in Xampp Server

To change the port successfully, i had to change the port number in following files in the mentioned manner.

You can change the port number to 3308 from 3306 in \xampp\mysql\bin\my.ini file in a couple of places.

There is also a couple of default MySQL port settings in the \xampp\php\php.ini file that would also need changing.

Save the files and restart Apache and MySQL to test.

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How to change the apache port for xampp?

 How to change the apache port for xampp?

By default, Apache Server listens on port 80.
But if that port is already being used by some other application and you dont want to stop that application
or port 80 is blocked by your network admin, you have to change the port of Xampp.To change it follow the steps:

1. Stop the xampp server, if it is already running.
2. Go to folder “C:\xampp\apache\conf”. (By default apache is installed in C folder)
3. Open the file httpd.conf.
4. Search the string “Listen” in the file.
5. Replace port number 80 to any other unused port number.
6. Search for “ServerName” in the file.
7. Replace port number 80 to any other unused port number in the ServerName.
8. Save the httpd.conf.
9. Start the xampp server.