Cron crashes with Fatal error: Call to undefined function dsm() in….

Fatal error: Call to undefined function dsm() in /home/content/63/10229663/html/sites/all/modules/ed_classified/modules/classified_notifications/classified_notifications.module on line 188

Here is the offending line of code:

182 /**

183 * Callback for cron to send queues mail jobs.
184 *
185 * @param array $job
186 */
187 function classified_notifications_deliver($job) {
188   dsm($job, __FUNCTION__);
189   drupal_mail_system('classified_notifications', $job['key'])->mail($job['message']);
190 }
Here just comment or remove 188 line will help you for sure 🙂

How to have number field in drupal

Hello pals,

I knew many of you are searching for number field type like mobile/landline field types in drupal. As drupal integer type wont support 10numbers for mobile or landline..hence we will install a module names bigint to achieve this functionality

Just download and install that module..after enabling the module..

Goto structure->content types->your content type(basic page/classified ad/product)->manage fields

their create a new field with field type big int and configure it.

Thats you can have any number in that field…enjoy 😀

how to remove text format in drupal 7


I have gone thru many solutions to remove the text format options(shown below)

24-02-2014 10-22-31


But there is a simple solution instead of adding code snippets in some templates..bla bla..

Just install simplify module and enable it.

Then go to configuration->userinterface->simplify and check text format selection to hide in nodes and click save..

you are done dude..go n have a look 😉