Tapet – A revolution android app for backgrounds


A smooth pattern backgrounds that generates automatically with very rich look and feel. Wanna try?? just browse here..




New Google Play Store – Material Design


Every1 knows about android L – material design. Now all apps are trying to implement with material design now. As usual, google initiated and implemented google play store(4.9.13) app with material design look. Wanna willing to look at it and have it for your device??

Please find the look of it..


Surprised !! Willing to download it?? 🙂  Then click here

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FireChat Network-Free Chat Could Be Big. Its not a whatsapp clone.

FireChat is one of the most interesting new communications products to arrive in the past year. Mostly because it’s not another take on standard messaging. By which I mean it’s not another WhatsApp clone.

FireChat is a hyperlocal chat tool that allows smartphones to connect to each other directly, without the need for WiFi hotspots or cellular networks. As long as two devices (or a bunch of devices in a small space) can connect to one another, using Bluetooth or their WiFi radios, they’ll be able to chat. (Typically, every communication your smartphone gets from another smartphone comes through an intermediary device or service. Not so with FireChat.)

The app functions as a local chatroom. You choose a username — no password required — and you can talk to anyone who is nearby.

The app came out for iPhones in late March, and today there’s an Android version available. You should try it. It’s really new.


But does it matter? Outside of limited cases, like text chatting in a subway where there’s no network coverage, is FireChat important?

I think it is, for two reasons, although both have major caveats.

The unjammable network?
The first is the capability of FireChat to operate when networks are not available or are actively being blocked. Twitter banned by your country’s government? Cellular network towers knocked down by a hurricane? Get on FireChat and you can still communicate.

Now, at the moment, devices running FireChat can communicate only with other devices they can connect to directly using their Bluetooth or WiFi radios, and that range is severely limited. FireChat can talk to devices in an area that’s pretty much room-sized, no bigger. However, the company that makes FireChat also makes mesh networking technology, in which devices communicating with one another can also pass along data for other devices, bucket-brigade style. Chat messages can hop from one device through other devices before reaching their destination. This could, theoretically, make a system like FireChat work in much larger spaces than the tiny local circles it’s now limited to.

Download links:
FireChat for iPhone
FireChat for Android 

Must check android apps

Android users,

Today we will see few unique apps that helps you out differently..

1. Jotterpad – is a minimalist plain text editor good for both casual and creative writers.

2. Timepin – TimePIN sets your lockscreen PIN code to the current time or date

3. 12Hours – It’s an analog clock widget which automatically gets all your calendar events in the next 12 hours and shows them as marked zones on a clock

4. Screen Recorder – Rooted needed

5. Total CallRecorder – Records all calls. But not supportable to all mobile devices.

Google Authenticator

Hello Pals,

I hope you are well aware of 2 step verification for your accounts..if not?? pls clickhere to know what it is..

Today we will see what is google authenticator and how to use it..

What is exactly this google authenticator??


Google Authenticator implements TOTP security tokens from RFC6238 in mobile apps made by Google, sometimes branded “two-step authentication”. The Authenticator provides a six digit one-time password users must provide in addition to their username and password to log into Google services. With two-step authentication enabled, you’ll be prompted to enter a six-digit number after you provide your username and password. Unlike a PIN number for an ATM, this six-digit number changes with every login.

How to use this??

Doing the two-step

1. Make sure two-step authentication is enabled for your Google account

Before you start using the app, make sure that two-step authentication is enabled and configured for your account.

2. Install the app

Download and install the app on your Android device

3. Connect Google Authenticator to your Google Account


Just goto your newly installed google authenticator app. Now goto options->set up account.

Now you can see two different procedures..

1. Manually add an account

2. Available google accounts

Just check your gmail account in available google accounts. click on your account..this will show a pop up screen like beginning setup..Then you will be alerted with account already enrolled. Now click on scan barcode.

Note: Make sure you have barcode scanner app in your mobile.

Now just open your browser in desktop and login to your account..it will show a barcode in your desktop browser..with your mobile barcode scanner..just scan that barcode..thats it.your job is done..your account is highly secured with google authenticator 😀

SMS app and Messenger

Hello SMS:

If you search for SMS replacement app you will find ton of options available in google play. Most popular app for sms replacement are Go SMS pro and few more. A new kid arrived in google play for replacement of SMS with a new and rich interface and most significant feature is, it resembles facebook chat(Tab based UI). unnamed

unnamed (1)









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Crumble Messenger: crumble Self destruct in 60 seconds. That’s how long a message in Crumble lasts. The clock starts ticking when you say something, and your friends have 60 seconds to check it out—if they miss it, tough luck! Simple, fast, private messaging. More: Clickhere