open source tool for remotely debugging and testing JavaScript in mobiles

Generic Way:

You need to connect the phone to your network and open your local host if you need to use the IE browser
Your machine has a network IP that will be accessible from the phone if you are on the same network

try – Vorlon.JS is an open source tool for remotely debugging and testing JavaScript.

A paid version of something as cool is this handles all your devices.

Also try something like Weinre?


Sources: Radu Micu, Leigh Clancy

How to change pushed commit messages

checkout to the respective branch where you need to change commit titles..

git rebase -i HEAD~3 or 4 – depends on how many you need to check.

Goto the respective line or commit id where you need to change..

press ‘i’ – to insert

change ‘pick’ to ‘r’ – desired commit you would like to

change your commit message..

press esc button and type “:wq” and hit enter

After rebasing successfully..check log by ‘git log -n 3’ to see your changes. come out of this command by pressing ‘q’.

Now do ‘git fetch’ followed by ‘git merge’. Do not forget to press ‘i’ and esc + ‘:wq’

Finally git push origin HEAD

All the best