HTML SSI – The forgotten awesomeness!!

Tech Shout !

Server Side Includes or SSI is an age old simple interpreted server-side scripting language used almost exclusively for the web. It basically consists a set of directives that are inserted in an HTML page which are evaluated on the server when the page is being served. Simply put it allows for more modular and dynamic HTML. The most important use of SSI is however for creating prototypes without using languages like PHP for including files etc and again to keep things modular.

As an interactive developer many times we are given VD’s (visual designs) in Photoshop which need to be converted into static HTML templates that can be integrated with the Server side scripting logic. In most cases we have the assets i.e. the CSS, Images and JS  files arranged in a modular fashion for better understanding. But what about the modules used inside the HTML like header, main menu…

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