Reactjs Kickstart

Things to cover for beginners:

JSX – Allows us to write HTML like syntax which gets transformed to lightweight JavaScript objects.

Virtual DOM  – A JavaScript representation of the actual DOM.

React.createClass – The way in which you create a new component.

render (method) – What we would like our HTML Template to look like.

React.render – Renders a React component to a DOM node.

state – The internal data store (object) of a component.

getInitialState – The way in which you set the initial state of a component.

setState – A helper method for altering the state of a component.

props – The data which is passed to the child component from the parent component.

propTypes – Allows you to control the presence, or types of certain props passed to the child component.

getDefaultProps – Allows you to set default props for your component.

Component LifeCycle

componentWillMount – Fired before the component will mount

componentDidMount – Fired after the component mounted

componentWillReceiveProps – Fired whenever there is a change to props

componentWillUnmount – Fired before the component will unmount





I have covered all these concepts in my lessons here


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