Google Launches Cloud Bigtable, A Highly Scalable And Performant NoSQL Database

With Cloud Bigtable, Google is launching a new NoSQL database offering today that, as the name implies, is powered by the company’s Bigtable data storage system, but with the added twist that it’s compatible with the Apache HBase API — which itself is based on Google’sBigtable project. Bigtable powers the likes of Gmail, Google Search and Google Analytics, so this is definitely a battle-tested service.


“Cloud Bigtable is much the opposite — is designed for larger companies and enterprises where extensive data processing is required, and where workloads are more complex,” O’Conner tells me. “For example, if an organization needs to stream data into, run analytics on and serve data out of a single database at scale – Cloud Bigtable is the right system.

The new service is now available in beta, which means it’s open to all developers but doesn’t offer an SLA or technical support.