Mean Tutorial 1


1. Any IDE – Web Storm/Sublime/Brackets

2. Nodejs

3. Git – Command Prompt mode

4. MongoDB

Now I created a workspace in E:/I***/Z***

Open command prompt and drive to your workspace, here E:/I**/Z**

Now run npm init //this will create a package.json in your workspace

Give all necessary details like project name,version,author etc etc

then run npm install –save express jade

Now we have to create a git repository in your client directory..for that type git init

followed by gitignore file..In your client directory(E:/../..) just create a new file with name “.gitignore”

now you can test git by typing git status in cmd prompt which shows following

31-01-2015 23-45-38


node_modules – downloaded dependencies for node

idea – settings for our project

package.json and .gitignore – source control

Now we have to ignore .idea and node_modules directory because only source control files need to be monitored and maintain version control..hence write those two file names in gitignore file.

Type git status can see the only 2 files listed in cmd as shown below..

01-02-2015 00-02-05


now add and commit as shown below..

01-02-2015 00-05-52

Lets install client dependencies using bower.

npm install bower –save -dev // only for my project

npm install bower -g // globally for all projects in my machine // this can be do ignore for now

create a directory named server in your client directory.. // this is to store all your client side js files and node files

create a new directory named public to store all your assets..

before installing client side dependencies create ‘.bowerrc’ in your root directory(E:/../..)

inside that have the following code..




now go to cmd and type bower init

01-02-2015 12-04-21

Now run bower install toastr –save

bower install angular angular-material angular-resource angular-route –save

Now go and check your bower.json file to check your recent dependencies installed.

create server.js file for node application. Create a file in your root directory(E:/../..)


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