Introduction to MEAN



Client -> Server -> DB (all written by native js code)

angularjs -> nodejs -> MongoDB

31-01-2015 23-12-12

MongoDB stores BSON format which means Binary of json data. With all these three any developers can develop a complete application using javascript alone. I am afraid to say, but the truth is javascript is creating revolution in web applications now 🙂

The best guide to start up with mean framework is only.

The best part in that site is step by step tutorial..

Install Mongodb,nodejs,git and grunt first..followed by $ npm install -g grunt-cli

$ npm install -g mean-cli

$ mean init <myApp> // this will ask you to create a appname followed by grunt/gulp customization

$ cd <myApp> && npm install

Then run “grunt” cmd in cmd prompt…

16-01-2015 19-38-51

Now enter localhost:3000 in your chrome browser…

16-01-2015 19-43-08

reason why i had this post it..while you follow step by step in installing mean..they mentioned to install mean..but they didn’t specified the errors you get while you start with those instructions alone..

After installing mongodb..first and foremost thing is to set path in environment variables path..

first check path in cmd by typing path…

now you can do it temporarily by having “set path=%path%;C:\Program Files\MongoDB 2.6 Standard\bin” or

go to controlpanel->system->advanced system variables->environment variables->path->edit and add bin folder and click on save..

this will solve to clear this error(could not connect to mongodb. please ensure mongodb is running)

the next error you get when you type mongod in cmd prompt is..

error dbpath (/data/db/) does not exist.

for this..just create a folder like “C:\mongodb\data\db” and type this cmd in prompt like

 mongod --dbpath c:\mongodb\data\db

I am interested to work with angular-material framework..hence i executed the necessary cmds..

npm install -g bower

bower install –save angular-material angular-socket-io


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