Here are some major differences between HTTP and HTTPS:

URL begins with “http://” URL begins with “https://”
It uses port 80 for communication It uses port 443 for communication
Unsecured Secured
Operates at Application Layer Operates at Transport Layer
No encryption Encryption is present
No certificates required Certificates required
Events will work and track No events work and you cannot track anything

How https works
Suppose you want to open a new account with facebook. There would be a new signup form with ‘https’ in the beginning of the URL. This is to secure the information (In the form of username, password, and other particulars) that you would send to the facebook server. The https would secure the data by encrypting the information while it is traveling from the client browser to the web server. The acknowledgement of the receipt from the web server to the browser would also be in an encrypted form and would be decrypted by your browser’s https security layers.
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