Crazy Bugs

  • Navigating user as per its request
  • As we know in MVC, when request comes to controller it redirect user as per URL parameters. Same concept is used in Angular as Routing

Ex. There may be a home.html page which is default page. So every user visits it as first page. Then if URL parameter as like http://…/order where user is redirect to order page etc. If it is http://…/payment then redirected to payment gateway

How to get Routing done?

  • To work with routing in Angular, we have include .js file
  • Go to ( Here 1.2.15 is the version I am using. It might be different )
  • Copy code of angular-route.js file in user workspace in separated .js file
  • Use ngRoute as dependency in custom module creation as

var app = angular.module(‘customerModule’, [‘ngRoute’]);

Steps for Routing

Create Controllers files

  • Create plain JavaScript function having data holder variables.
  • Inject $scope object

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