Create a HTML5 canvas element with clickable elements

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Canvas with clickable circles
A client asked me to implement a website with different images having clickable circles on top of them. The circles would be placed randomly – and would be used to display additional information about what was going on in that particular place in the image.

Fortunately, the client did not require that users with older browser should be able to view the website. So I was able to use some modern technology in order to make my life a bit easier.

I have never worked with the HTML5 canvas-element before. So I needed to get some hands-on experience with it. I therefore decided to create a proof-of-concept first. You can see this proof-of-concept in the following fiddle:

The following is a quick walk-through of the elements in the code. First, I start off with a canvas element:

After that, I create a reference to the canvas-element in my JavaScript…

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