Angularjs with kineticjs??


Can this be possible?? First we will know what are these different frameworks? what similarities and dissimilarities do they hold?

AngularJS is great at binding DOM elments.

But KineticJS objects are not DOM elements—they are just pixels on the canvas.

So AngularJS can’t control Kinetic objects directly.

To get Kinetic objects to move in response to text-input changes, you could use an AngularJS controller and make calls to the Kinetic object’s setX/setY.

To get text-input values to change as Kinetic objects are dragged, you might call the AngularJS controller from within a Kinetic dragmove event handler.

A complication is that by default, both Angular and Kinetic will want to control mouse events for their own purposes.

I’m not saying it can’t be done, but…

Integrating KineticJS + AngularJS is more complicated

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