Angular Js Query Strings Example

How to implement query stings in angular js?? how this jquery serialize works in angular?? what to do? how to do??

Cool Folks,

Passing the inputs through url is not a big deal. If you feel its not a better idea to pass in url you can even try rootscope. I have implemented both functionalities for the test scenario. I have used $rootParams to implement jquery serialize/query strings and also i implemented $rootScope which works with global variable. You can try either of one or even both ;).

My Scenario:

I took a scenario like creating a registration page with bootstrap design and angularjs for everything. It should be able to do validations and once submit it should show all the input values in next page.

Screens using $rootParams:

08-08-2014 11-05-27

08-08-2014 11-05-45


Screens using $rooScope:

08-08-2014 11-15-26

08-08-2014 11-16-38



Video Tutorial:

Its difficult to explain everything in code as we have multiple files with multiple changes. Kindly refer to my code and understand yourselves. But code changes you can see in app.js and display.html file only. Mainly in controllers alone. Hope you can refer and identify the changes. Thanks.

Example code on $rootScope is here

Example code on $rootParams is here



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