Timex Smartwatch Goes Phone-Free


Watch brand Timex introduced a phone-free smartwatch Wednesday, the company announced in a statement.

Called the Ironman One GPS+, the 3G-connected device’s standout quality is its ability to connects to apps on its own, rather than syncing with a smartphone. The company is targeting users who use smartwatches for fitness-tracking, but don’t carry a phone and a watch at the same time.

The smartwatch comes with 4GB of memory, MP3 capabilities and a year of free 3G data provided by AT&T. It also supports all fitness-tracking apps and is water resistant for those who prefer to exercise outdoors or in a pool.

As its name suggests, the watch is equipped with GPS to allow the user to track his or her location and make whereabouts visible to others. Meanwhile, the “Find Me Mode” feature lets users fire off customizable alert messages with exact location specifics should an emergency situation arise.

Ironman One GPS+ is available for pre-order on Timex’s website for $399. A fancier model with a built-in heart rate monitor goes for $449, and both will hit AT&T and electronics stores by fall.


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