How to read json and fetch data to html page using angularjs

My Scenario:

my.json file to be read using displayController from app.js and display in display.html page.


“form”: {
“fn”: “FirstName”,
“ln”: “LastName”,
“un”: “Username”,
“em”: “Email”,
“pwd”: “Password”,
“dob”: “D.O.B”,
“mob”: “MobileNumber”

you can validate json here


app.controller(‘displayController’, function ($scope,$rootScope,$http) {

$http.get(‘json/my.json’).success(function(data,status){  // get data and status of it
$scope.formdata = data;


<div class=”div-table-row” ng-repeat=”vari in formdata”>

{{vari.fn}} : {{ details.firstName }} <br/>
{{vari.ln}} : {{ details.lastName }} <br/>
{{vari.un}} : {{ details.username }} <br/>
{{vari.em}} : {{ }} <br/>
{{vari.pwd}}: {{ details.password }} <br/>
{{vari.dob}}: {{ details.dob }} <br/>
{{vari.mob}}: {{ }} <br/>


What for you waiting dude?? go and run it :D. It will work for 100% sure.


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