Super-Fast Battery Pack


UNU’s Ultrapak is a battery pack for smartphones and tablets that can deliver a full charge to devices after just 15 minutes of charging itself up. This means that as long as users are carrying their Ultrapak, and can spare at least a quarter of an hour, they’ll never have to worry about running out of power again.


UNU said the Ultrapak’s super-fast charging is due to “Ultra-X” charging technology, a special type of A+ lithium polymer battery that uses proprietary additives, which increases the normal battery charging speed by 8 times. This makes the device “the world’s fastest self-charging battery pack,” according to UNU.

Each Ultrapak features an LED screen that displays both a percentage number and battery graphic representing how much juice users have left. The chargers, housed in sturdy rubberized material, even have an embedded flashlight, presumably for those times when users need to search for a hidden electrical socket in a darkened corner.


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