Sencha Project


From prev example in last article. Have some small notes with little more explanation.

31-07-2014 13-11-01

From the above pic initially i created a sample named project in c drive. Prior to that i have copied sencha touch files to c drive and specified the path clearly as shown above.

While creating a registration view:

Sencha generate form Registration “name1:text”,“name2:text” registrationform.

In step4. point2-> replace the code in Registration view with sample code.

In step4.point4-> create a data folder in your project folder and have a file name with Server.json.

Finally folder structure will be like this..

31-07-2014 13-33-38

31-07-2014 13-33-50

Note: Once all the above procedure done and when you run your application you will be shown with the following image

31-07-2014 15-12-43

this will be shown in generally if application get stuck while running. you should find errors in console log. My error is package.json is not loading..for this very simple solution is :

31-07-2014 15-14-09

or try sencha app build

Still if you find the errors? try exploring below sites:

You can even try this:

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