Gmail Extensions – Necessary for every1

1. Canned responses

How many emails do you send that essentially have the same content? Well, then, why are you writing that text from scratch each time? This Mail Labs add-on allows you to write and save responses you use over and over again and then select them from a drop-down (and edit them as need be), no copy-pasting involved. Here’s a good rundown of how it works.

2. Boomerang

You might write emails at 3 a.m., but that doesn’t mean you want to send them during the wee hours. This tool lets you schedule messages to send at a later time or date. Another cool use: You can tell it to bring an email to the top of your inbox in, say, two days if you don’t have the brain space to deal with it now or if no one has responded yet.

3. Rapportive

Especially useful for customer service and HR, this add-on pulls details tied to a sender’s email — like job title, recent tweets, LinkedIn details, and even headshot — into your inbox, allowing you to get the lowdown on anyone reaching out to you without having to do internet stalking of your own.

4. Streak

So robust, this tool! It’s essentially an in-inbox CRM that allows you to associate certain emails and files with pipelines that you create, but some of its buried features are its coolest. We love the fact that you can use it to do a mail merge (more on that here) and to create canned responses — called snippets – that can 1) be used by everyone associated with your team, and 2) can be activated via keyboard shortcuts. Genius.

5. Undo Send

Like a Command-Z button for email, this Mail Labs tool gives you a few seconds to change your mind about sending a message out into the world — very key if you are writing those emails in the middle of the night.


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