Chrome emulator

How to use my chrome browser as emulator ??

I hope all of you aware of using chrome very much. One great advantage of this browser is, we can use the same browser to just view like in mobile. Say, i need to explore Now site looks like below in general..

30-07-2014 13-22-33


Now we can change this view as how it looks in below…

30-07-2014 13-24-10

You can do this simply by following the below steps:

1. Right click -> inspect element

30-07-2014 13-25-38

2. Drag the last line above to see the emulator tab clearly.

30-07-2014 13-25-58

3. Clicking on emulator tab you can see sub tabs like device,screen,useragent and sensors. Select a device and click emulate if its necessary

30-07-2014 13-26-26

Thats it. You are done with your chrome emulator 😀

When ever you want to see website in mobile view..just type that url and click enter. once after that right click and click inspect element. now you can see your website looks in mobile view 🙂



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