Amazon Fire and its features


The new baby – amazon fire is in the market now. I wont discuss about spec. Coz you can get it here.

I will just go through the features alone that too very open view like a summary of features. I hope you dont have patience like me to read all 200pages book to understand a single para ;).

Just i will list out screencasts and features of it. Enjoy ūüėÄ



Dynamic Perspective is primarily used in games, lock screens and maps (iconic landmarks seem to poke out of the screen if you look at them from the right angle), but Amazon subtly applied it to app icons as well; as you tilt the phone or lean your head to one side, you can see the icons move too. The company opened up the software to developers last month, and the Appstore already boasts over 60 titles with the 3D effects added in. It works well in some games.


Is there a reason to be concerned about having five cameras staring back at you? Not according to Amazon. Executives emphasized that the Dynamic Perspective cameras act as sensors, and any images or data they collect are never stored anywhere on the phone; everything is deleted almost immediately, and none of it can be accessed through another part of the device.




Another new feature on the Fire is called¬†Firefly. Long-press the camera button on the side of the phone, and you’re presented with a viewfinder with white bubbles moving all over the screen. Point the camera at a phone number, email address, website, product, book or bar code, and the bubbles will congregate over the relevant information. From there, the camera snaps a picture. The phone then scans each detail and places it into a clipboard that you access by swiping up from the bottom of the screen. Now you can perform an action related to the item: Call a phone number; visit a website; or purchase something through Amazon.



One of Amazon’s most brilliant features is Mayday. The service, which debuted on the Kindle Fire HDX tablet, promises to connect users with knowledgeable tech advisors in 15 seconds or less.¬†The Fire phone also comes with the feature built in; head to the quick settings to find a dedicated Mayday button.

If any good can come out of Amazon’s partnership with AT&T, it’s this: If you ring up Mayday with a bill concern or carrier-related technical problem, the Amazon rep will “warm transfer” you to AT&T’s tech support department. This means the rep will stay on the line with you and answer other questions while you wait.



Amazon has added one-handed gestures to help you navigate through different parts of the operating system without needing to use a second hand. Flick the phone right or left to open up side panels with menus, settings and other features; a swivel motion opens the quick settings and notifications panel; and moving your head up or down tells the phone to begin scrolling through text (yep, just like Smart Scroll on Samsung phones). Finally, you can tilt the device slightly to “peek” at your status bar if it’s normally hidden.



The device comes with Fire OS 3.5, a proprietary operating system based on the Android 4.2 open-source platform (AOSP).¬†This means Fire OS is all about Amazon. Instant Video, Kindle books, Newsstand, Music, Audible audiobooks and Games are all included here. If you want to download apps, you’ll need to do so through the Amazon Appstore, which features 240,000 titles.

Note: ¬†since Fire OS is based on Android, it’s easy to sideload apps (known as APKs) as long as you know how to get them. Programs based on Google Play Services, such as Gmail, immediately crash. Other apps may not work properly either, and as I mentioned earlier, some of them may even adversely affect the defining features on the Fire.



The Fire OS experience is much different than what you’ll find on any other phone in that it has both vertical and horizontal components. Vertically, it has a carousel on top and a standard app grid below; horizontally, there’s a slide-out menu for Amazon apps and services on the left and a tray for weather and upcoming appointments on the right. These menus change based on which app you’re in.

Youtube :

Sources: Mashable and engadget


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