Why margin wont work for div with display table


I have been trying for a long time in checking margin css attributes to display type table and its attributes for div tag. But finally this article helped me in revealing the fact. Just have a look at it.

Anyways i will explain it..

[The margin property] applies to all elements except elements with table display types other than table-caption, table and inline-table

In other words, the margin property is not applicable to display:table-cell elements.


Consider using the border-spacing property instead.

Note it should be applied to a parent element with a display:table layout and border-collapse:separate.

For example:




.table {display:table;border-collapse:separate;border-spacing:5px;}.row {display:table-row;}.cell {display:table-cell;padding:5px;border:1px solid black;}

My own example:

  <div id="table" style="display: table;">
                            <div id="table-row1" style="display: table-row">
                                <div id="table-colum1" style="display: table-cell">
                                    <img src="images/pics07.jpg"/>
                                <div id="table-colum2" style="display: table-cell">
                                    <img src="images/pics08.jpg"/>
                                <div id="table-colum3" style="display: table-cell">
                                    <img src="images/pics09.jpg"/>
                            <div id="table-row2" style="display: table-row">
                                 <div id="table-colum1" style="display: table-cell">
                                     <img src="images/pics10.jpg"/>
                                <div id="table-colum2" style="display: table-cell">
                                    <img src="images/pics11.jpg"/>
                                <div id="table-colum3" style="display: table-cell">
                                    <img src="images/pics12.jpg"/>
                            </div><!-- end of table-row2-->
                        </div><!-- end of table-->

If you are not willing to use display type table, you can try box or try css with float:left

For remaining div you can use margin or padding for its content


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