This Bluetooth Bike Lock Brings Keyless Entry and Anti-Theft Notifications to Your Smartphone


If you haven’t yet decided how you feel about the Internet of things — if you’re unsure whether adding sensors and radios to everyday stuff will improve our lives in meaningful ways or just amount to a bunch of whizbang junk — here’s a perfect Rorschach test. When you look at this smartphone-connected bike lock, what do you see?

The Skylock, from Velo Labs, is a Bluetooth-equipped U-lock that automatically unlocks when you walk up to your bike. That might seem incredibly handy or completely absurd, depending on your outlook. To those who eagerly anticipate the small conveniences of a more connected world, the Skylock cleverly smooths out the annoyance of futzing with keys. To cynics, it will undoubtedly look like another solution in search of a problem. How much time do we waste futzing with keys, anyway?


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