Most Memorable Day :)

I am soo soooo happy today..I dont have to worry about my country and my state(A.P) anymore 😀

The day where INDIANS fate changes and the day where democracy meaning will be defined is only on elections results day.

Today INDIANS voted for change and this day is the foundation for golden INDIAN period :D. People opted for Modi Sarkaar 🙂


Henceforth he stood up with highest majority that created revolution today. In the INDIAN elections history no party has got this big count so far. We wish him hearty Congratulation to Mr. Narendra Modi and BJP Party members for the victory.

Coming to my state Andhra Pradesh, politics have taken U turn and people opted for the right candidate for the development of Nava Andhra Pradesh. Hearty Congratulation to Mr.N.ChandraBabu Naidu and TDP Party members.

Hope this 5 years will be golden period of New INDIA with good economical growth 😀

Happy Independence Day 🙂

Jai Hind



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