Mobile UI Design made easy with AppBuilder


A Stunning news.. 😀

Just now i saw this post in blogspot..we can create a mobile UI design through appbuilder itseems :). Follow this

Download appbuilder from this link

Appbuilder documentation is here

Install appbuilder

• You must have the latest version of the Google Chrome browser, or Apple Safari installed.
• AppBuilder is packaged using the NodeJS package module. Therefore, you must install
NodeJS onto your workstation to run AppBuilder:
1. Download the NodeJS installer for your system from
2. Run the NodeJS installer, and follow the prompts in the Install Wizard.
3. Verify that the node.js folder is in your System Environment PATH.
4. Open a command prompt, and enter npm to verify the NodeJS package manager is
installed properly.

Installing AppBuilder on Windows
1. Extract the file to the directory of your choice.
2. From the directory where you extracted the contents of the zip file, double-click the
run.bat file to launch AppBuilder.
3. AppBuilder opens in a browser with the URL:

To Kickstart easily..follow this



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