Who is this Pramod Vakacharla

Who is this pramod vakacharla?

The day he stood proud and his head up is may 3rd , when he stood INDIA 1st in JEE Main Entrance. Everyone congratulated him for his victorious entry to IIT. He own a honorable identity and many students got inspired from him with his interview. Even though many of people recognized and praised him well now, he was first recognized by his mother(Jayashree). She first identified his potential, grasping power and intelligence and sharpen his skills from his schooling accordingly. He use to do 7th maths in 5th standard like 3 idiots aamir khan ;). His family supported him well and contributed best for his career. Of-course pramod did his job awesome and gave an outstanding result :D.


Now lets listen to his words for his outstanding success..and the secret mantra..

Pramod Vakacharla shares his preparation strategy for JEE Main 2014, his schedule which included 11 hours of daily rigorous studies.

Lets see his interview with career360..

Careers360: Congratulations for your outstanding performance in JEE Main 2014! How did you make it possible?

Pramod Vakacharla:Thank you. I could do it with my serious preparations and support from my teachers and parents.

Careers360: What was your overall and section scores in JEE Main 2014?

Pramod Vakacharla: My overall score is 355. I scored 120 in both Mathematics and Chemistry, and my Physics score was 115.

Careers360: That is indeed a great achievement! This means that you made only one incorrect answer out of 90 questions in JEE Main paper.

Pramod Vakacharla:  Yes. Fortunately, I could do all questions in the paper except one question in Physics. Actually, I knew the right answer to that Physics question also, but marked the wrong bubble in the OMR Answer sheet.

Careers360: Your performance in IIT JEE brings you the title of ‘perfect scorer’. Did you expect this high score before your exam on April 6?

Pramod Vakacharla: Actually, I had been scoring above 320-330 in all my practice tests before JEE Main. So, I was expecting a similar score in the JEE Main result also. But, I was not sure that I would score highest in the JEE Main 2014.

Careers360: Now that you are the topper of JEE Main, what do you think was the key factor behind your spectacular performance in this most competitive Engineering exam?

Pramod Vakacharla: My focus was never on the marks. I always dedicated my time and energy on solving 100 per cent questions in my test series. But, I never expected that I will do almost all questions correctly in the actual test.

Careers360: What was your preparation strategy and routine study period for JEE Main?

Pramod Vakacharla: I dedicated around 11 hours daily on studies. I spent 4 hours on my daily classes and rest 7 hours on self study. Overall, I divided the daily preparations into three parts – 3 hours each for Physics and Mathematics and 4 hours for Chemistry.  Since I put up in the hostel of Narayana Sri Chaitanya IIT Academy, Vijaywada, I consult my teachers whenever I have doubts on any question or any topic. I naturally go and discuss with them random problems related to my preparations.

Careers360: Which subject was easiest and which was the toughest?

Pramod Vakacharla: Since my favorite subject is Chemistry, I found the questions relatively easier. Physics was a bit difficult and Mathematics was of average difficulty level.

Careers360: So, it was quite a hectic preparation schedule for you. Could you find time to connect with your friends on Facebook during your preparation?

Pramod Vakacharla: No. I could not get any free time to chat online with my friends during my preparation. I lost logged in to my Facebook page some 6 months back. But, some time I watch movies that are either Telugu or a Hollywood flick.   Sometime, I also play Badminton which is my favorite sports.

Careers360: Which is your favourite Hollywood movie?

Pramod Vakacharla:  …. Hmm… I like many Hollywood movies. But, my favourite is ‘Fast and Furious’. I have watched all 6 parts of this movie and eagerly waiting to watch the next sequel (The 7th installment of upcoming 2015 American action film).

Careers360: So, once you crack JEE Advanced, which Engineering branch would you like to opt and which IIT will you prefer.

Pramod Vakacharla:  Though, I am yet to get into JEE-Advanced rankings, but I would prefer Computer Science Engineering (CSE) in IIT Bombay.

Careers360: How do you plan your preparation for JEE Advanced?

Pramod Vakacharla: I have already begun my preparations and will be maintaining my study schedule as previously. I will try to put in an extra hour or so for more practice in Physics. My test series for JEE Advanced are on and I am fully concentrating on doing well in JEE Advanced 2014.

Careers360: We at Careers360 wish you all the best for your performance at JEE Advanced 2014. Wish you all the best!

Pramod Vakacharla: Thank You!


However this is a smashing achievement and we wish a hearty congratulations to Pramod for his great victory. We strongly wish that his talent, intelligence, hardwork and productivity should be beneficial to our mother country, let see what pramod vakacharla will decide on it.

What folks stunned? Thinking…

Who is this pramod? Why its being listed in a technical blog? You have an answer to this question guys…

He is my little brother who has been raised in my hands for many years and had a great affection with him and his family :D.

Congratulations Brother


We are very proud of you :). Keep it up and wish you all the best for your career. Keep rocking 😉



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