Software Terminologies


Its for my reference, i am listing software terminology/process terminology words that are used in day-to-day. I will append content to this post regularly for future reference. Please contribute your known terms for this post which will be very helpful for freshers in IT industry..

POC – Proof Of Concept

SRS- Software Requirement Specification

FSD – Functional Specification Document (or) Functional Spec

TS – Technical Spec

HLD – High Level Design

LLD – Low Level Design

UD – Usecase Document

DDD – Detail Design Document

CCF – Change Control Form

UAT – User Acceptance Testing

UTC – Unit Test Case

WPRF – Work Product Review Form
OSM – ??
KRA – Key Result Area
RCA – Root Cause Analysis
IAT – Impact Analysis Template
FST – Functional Specification Template
RCL – Requirements Clarification Logs
RST – Requirement Specification Template
RTM – Requirement Tracibility Matrix
RNT-Release Note Template
DPT – Deployment Plan Template
RMP – Risk Management Plan(Pre proposal Risk Analysis,Risk Value,Severity)

Lets see some process models:

1. Waterfall Model – Requirements->design->Implementation testing->Integration and system testing->operation

2. V Model – Requirements->HLD->LLD->Implementation->Unit Testing->Integration Testing->System Testing

Now lets see the brief activities in process models

Requirements -> Gather requirements and create Functional Specification Document(this phase output consists of Functional Specification Document,Software Requirements Document & Requirement Clarification Logs)

Planning – > Analyse/review the estimate, plan and schedule(phase output-Estimated Schedule and Effort)

Design -> Create High Level / Low Level or Detailed Design Document(Effort spent on preparation and review
Defects captured during design phase)

Coding & Unit Testing ->Coding,review and unit test the code(Effort spent on Code , Review and Unit Testing activity
Defects captured through code review, unit testing)

System Testing -> Prepare testcases(defects captured)

Release -> Prepare releasenote


Lets gearup for some general terminology words that are used while discussing/mailing/documenting..

Here we have few:

Scalability, matrix, latency, loose/tightly coupled, penetration, tweak, more yet to append 😉


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