How to use indoor google maps


I hope all of you are aware of google indoor maps, a recent google launch 3 days ago in INDIA.

What is google indoor maps and how it helps us?

Rightaway users can also experience a walk-through navigation where a blue dot will represent the user and his position within the indoor complex.Please find the below image for reference.


In Chennai, the following shopping malls will feature on the Google Maps app on both mobiles and desktops as indoor maps along with their detailed floor plans: Ampa Sky Walk, Bergamo, Forum Vijaya Mall, Ramee Mall and Spectrum.

Get started right now using it..


Please follow the steps..

1. Please click google indoor maps

2. Click on Get Started

3. Click Add a floor plan now

4. Enter your building name in text box and click search for the building


5. Locate your building and drag the pin point to your building and click “Use this building”

6. Enter building name,floor label(3 for 3rd floor like that),floor number and upload floor plan.

Capture 1

Finally click on upload map for this floor.

7. Now align floor map

8. Start dragging points for corners and shapes to locate exactly.

9. Now click on accept and align

10. Submit to google maps.

You are done with uploading your indoor plan in google maps 😀

For more pls click on this video


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