How to convert php web application to native desktop application


I successfully converted my php application to native desktop application using phpdesktop

I will let u know how can u successfully convert your web application to desktop application..


1. Download phpdesktop from the above link(phpdesktop)

2. Extract zip file

3. Now you can see www folder in that extracted package..right? just copy your files in that..

4. Now the important thing is settings.json file..all you need to configure here..

5. If you dont want to see console on back of your application then just give “show_console”: false

6. Note always your your webserver url is not http://localhost and port number is default ‘0’ if you wish to change can do that in settings.json “listen_on”: [“”, 263]. By this you can use this where ever you need to redirect to home page..

7. Willing to change the title of desktop application from php desktop chrome to your title..then do that in settings.json  “title”: “Your title”

Still you have queries ?? then post your quesions here


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