How to transfer files very easily–internet as medium

Hey folks,

I hope few well known about pipe concept, the easiest way to transfer files in internet. Anyways iam sharing this post for people who are unaware of this 😉

If you want to send a doc/image/video etc from mobile(browser enabled) to desktop (or) browser enabled mobile to browser enabled mobile (or) desktop to desktop. Anything is mere like elementary act ;).

A website offers this functionality just like peer-to-peer connection(not theoritically :P). Just logon to Pipebytes and upload your file and copy the url or code and click send file. Now just share that code/url with your friend who need to paste that code in receive section and then hit pickup file. Thats your coveted file will get download over your friend machine/mobile/anything.

Follow the screenshots for better understanding..

29-01-2014 08-22-54


Fairly simple right?? 🙂