Wanna control your smartphone from browser?

Hey guys,

Here is the interesting app which effectively helps you to work with smartphone without your device.

Wondered how?? Let me go in deep which makes you to feel awkward about this 😉

Desktop SMS: Send & receive SMS via your current carrier from the comfort of your computer.

Files and Media: Move photos, videos, ringtones and any other files on and off Android, all without a USB cable.
Find Phone: Locate and lock your Android when it’s lost. Cannot get it back? Simply wipe all data remotely.
and many more..
Amazed and wanna try?? cooool..just download Airdroid in your mobile and get register with it.
Now activate it. Its pretty cool in configuration. Just follow the screenshots for better understanding…
Now logon to your account in web.airdroid.com which redirects to the following page where you can control over your mobile easily and conveniently.
Soo fascinating right?? enjoy the air-android 😉
Stay tuned to sathyalog 😀