My First Post on Android

Hi Guys,

Basically iam a good user of android. Always do small research on apps and its utilities. Will keep following blogs like drippler and android police and checkout with news apps that are useful. Its not checking exactly..its kind of installing and looking after the features in it ;).

So i thought to share my view on apps and its usage clearly.

Lets discuss what i gonna share on android..

1. Frequent updates on new apps that are very essential on every smart phone

2. Feedback on apps

3. How to keep safe your android phone- security and safety

4. How to root your android phone

5. How to build your own android app

6. Future releases ( Apps and android versions)

7. All relates to android (like cyanogenmod)

I cant cover up all at a time or in a season. Will do it in my free time and share updates.

Stay tuned to Sathyalog 😀