CodeIgniter Basic Steps to be followed

Hey guys…good evening..lets see the process flow of developing a basic application in codeigniter..we need to follow certain steps inorder to get perfect output..dont feel panic of steps..once you are done..then its easy to go with more different applications 😉


1. Remove Index.php from url (Follow my previous post to complete that successfully)

2.Create Database & Tables in MySql

3.Goto Applications->Config->database.php (Enter hostname,username and password of mysql db)

4.Goto Applications->config->autoload.php (Enter libraries like database and session)

5. Change viewnames and controllernames if needed. If you change controller name then dont forget to change default controller name in Applications->Config->routes.php

Note: Whatever you add new views in Views folder dont forget to call that in controller.

6. In order to maintain sessions..goto applications->config->config.php

add some encryption key to $config[‘encryption_key’] = ”;
get encryption key from random key generator

Like wise use md5 hash generator while adding passwords in mysql db