No words to express my happiness. SAP AG, the world leader in enterprise software and software-related services with locations in more than 130 countries has release its first open source software – openUI5(HTML5- future of SAP frontend).

You can see demo kit of OpenUI5 here


So now this JavaScript library named “OpenUI5” (the Open-Source-licensed version of SAPUI5) has left its SAP niche and stepped into public.

A bit of History

Even though UI5 is only now stepping out into the Open Source space, it has in fact been developed and matured for years (initially under the codename “Phoenix”, hence the bird-like logo). So don’t expect a beta.

SAP has been using UI5 in a couple of products already, most notably the family of “Fiori” applications revealed earlier this year (see for information and screenshots). Decoupling UI development (where customers expect frequent iterations to follow web UI trends and to get support for the newest devices) from backend updates (where typical SAP customers expect to run the same version for many years without expensive and disruptive upgrades) has been a major driving force behind the development and adoption of UI5. As well as the desire for a UI technology which is more standards-based, flexible and extensible than before and at the same time still fulfills all the stability, accessibility and security standards required from business software.

How and why is “OpenUI5” different from “SAPUI5”?

“OpenUI5” is the free version available under the Apache 2.0 Open Source license.

“SAPUI5” is the version that may only be used by SAP customers with a certain kind of license. (It’s still free for them, but they have paid some other SAP product.)

The good news is: most importantly, the entire core of “OpenUI5” and “SAPUI5” (containing all central functionality) is identical. The most-commonly used control libraries, containing the vast majority of all existing controls, are identical. All of this can now be used freely, when using OpenUI5.

What SCN would suggest is:

  • go to the OpenUI5 web page and explore it from there.
  • if you are into code, study the small mobile app (not in IE9 and lower due to cross-domain issues) and try to understand how it works. Should not be too hard, actually, it’s just 1-2 screens of code but already giving you master-detail page animations, data binding etc.
  • if you rather want to try it right away, check out the demo apps
  • if you prefer understanding the concepts first, start with the Developer Guide which describes loads of things from the first steps to really advanced topics

Willing to start working with openui5?? then clickhere

Start learning here or here

How to install a basic development environment for SAP UI5? browse here or here