Learning is my i learnt basics of numerology and how to apply it. Hence iam posting here..

Basically numerology completely deals with numbers. If you want to test yourname with numerology you should start with counting numbers for each alphabets in your name..

First lets go through alphabets and its desired numbers..

A,I,J,Q,Y – 1
B,K,R – 2
C,G,L,S – 3
D,M,T – 4
E,H,N,X – 5
U,V,W – 6
O,Z – 7
F,P – 8

In Numerology, a number for the purpose of assessing the prospects of the Name means any number between 1 and 9.

In Numerology the numbers are reduced to a single digit.

If the total numerical value of a name by adding the value of all the letters in a name is 54, the numerical value of the number for the purpose of Numerology is 5+4= 9.

If the total numeric value of a name is 67, 6 and 7 are added together and the value we obtain is 13.

Again 1 and 3 are added with each other and the net numerological value of the name carrying a total numeric of 67 is 4.Thus the numerological value of the name or date of birth is reduced to a single digit.This is applied in respect of a name and as well the date of birth.

If the date of birth of a child is 25-11-2009, the total is arrived at adding 2+5+1+1+2+0+0+9=20. The resultant number is 20.

This is again added with one another. 2+0=2.

The net single digit total of the date of birth is thus 2, for the purpose of arriving at the fadic number (being called fate number or birth total number).

The numbers reduced to a single digit will fall between 1 and 9 (both 1 & 9 included).Each one Number from 1 to 9 is assigned to one Graha in the Navagraha family.


Sun(Surya) – 1
Moon(Chandra) – 2
Jupiter(Guru) – 3
Uranus(Rahu) – 4
Mercury(Budha)- 5
Venus(Shukra) – 6
Neptune(Kethu)- 7
Saturn(Shani) – 8
Mars(Mangala) – 9

If your dob or name count result number matches to 3,5,6 then its very good 🙂
if it matches to 1,2 then its good
if 4,7,8 and 9 then its very bad.

As we cant change dob, try to change name and make the count for good numbers.
All the best.